Thursday, December 2, 2010

The age old question.

What is Gods plan for my life? The question that has been asked forever and some never seem to find the answer. When we look at Gods word and really study to what He has to say about this then the answer is right in front of us. In Luke 18 we see the young rich ruler approach Jesus and ask him how he can inherit eternal life. When Jesus explained to him that the one thing in that mans life that was holding him back from God was his wealth and that he needed to sell it all and give to the poor the ruler left sad. In order to truly find out what Gods plan is for our lives we must first examine ourselves and see what is there in our lives holding us back from fully walking with God. We have become so complacent in our lives as "rich rules" having everything that we want that it makes us uncomfortable to think of giving up the tiniest bit of it. Right now our earth is populated with a little over 6 billion people. Out of the 6 billion people 4.5 billion are without Christ and 1 billion of these people have never heard of Jesus. So why is it that we are living our lives complacent, wanting more than we have and trying to be as comfortable as possible when all of these people are going to hell? Why is that we are participating in superficial battles in life with outcomes that are just for our pleasure when the spiritual battles are raging against souls that will be forever lost? We are commanded in the Bible to take up our cross and follow Christ which in its literal meaning is to take up every form of ourselves and lay them down to fully follow Christ. I guess the question shouldn't be "What is Gods plan?" but "Will we obey Gods will?" Christ makes it very clear that he requires everything of us and for us not to do so is simply to live for ourselves. As followers I think its time that we start risking everything in our lives for God. We need to start giving up our comfort, possessions, safety and all of our lives to make the gospel known.

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