Thursday, February 3, 2011

Island Life

Hello again!
Well this is almost week 3 on the island and the ministry has definitely begun. I arrived here on the island Monday January 23 and it has been quite a ride ever since. The people here on the island have been awesome and have done everything that they could to make us feel welcomed and at home. The last couple weeks have mainly consisted of traveling around the island and getting aquatinted to the landscape and the people of the island. Besides almost being caught in a stampede of wild buffalo and having a small earthquake it has been somewhat normal. I am still in search of a job but fully trusting God for provision. So far I am also either leading worship or just playing with the band here on the island for the church worship services but that is going to pick up here quite a bit very quickly. Great ministry has already begun with the youth on the island and God is doing awesome things here already.
Until next time.

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